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This is a new service. If you have questions or suggestions, send us your feedback.

Design and deliver great digital services in Defence

How to do things in Defence

Use common approaches and tools.

Meet the standard

Check why the GOV.UK Service Standard is important for all digital services in Defence.


Follow best practice, meet the regulations and deliver services that can be used by anyone in Defence.


Do the right thing when you meet with people across Defence and keep your team safe.

Security classifications

Keep and share information securely, check how to use security classifications and label information.

Service assessments

How service assessments help your service, how to book one and what to expect.

Your role in Defence

We are working on guidance for all roles in digital teams.


Create clear content, check the styles you need to use and how to work with content designers.


Start with simple designs, name services well, use the right styles and design for safety.

User research

How to do user research with military personnel, find participants and manage user research data.

Your community

Meet others doing your role, use shared tools and learn from projects across Defence.

Get involved

Help improve the Defence Service Manual.

Suggest content

Add guidance and ways of working to the Defence Service Manual.

Take part in user research

Get involved with user research sessions, anyone in Defence can take part.

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