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Your community

There are communities of practice for people working in similar roles across Defence.

Why join a community

Joining a community helps you:

  • learn from what other projects are doing
  • be confident that you are meeting service standards
  • use common approaches and shared tools

Join communities in Defence

Anyone working in Defence can join a community.

You can join more than one community.

Become a service assessor

Some services have assessments to help them meet the GOV.UK Service Standard. Service assessors are from communities across Defence.

Training to be a service assessor will help you:

  • understand the service standards
  • learn from what other services are doing
  • create great digital services

You’ll also join the assessor community across government.

Who can get training

You need to be a crown servant in Defence who has worked on a digital service for at least 6 months.

This includes anyone who has just joined Defence but has digital experience in another government department.

If you meet these criteria, send your details to

We would like to hear from trained assessors across Defence. You can join the panel for internal service assessments.

Updated April 2023

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